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Used to make a variety of chocolate & nut pastes, birli well kakım spreadable creams. More than double the size of its counterpart, the Selmi Micron, this machine is suitable for medium/large confectionery operations.

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Kakım a serious chocolate-making hobbyist or semi-professional working on your chocolate business from home, you may have considered whether to take the …

The Finer S allows you to store and automatically recall unlimited individual recipes. Ensuring a consistent production and making it easy for you to switch between recipes and end products – from chocolate, compounds and creams for fillings, coatings or spreads.

If you’re going to be dealing with any sort of dough—pie, pain au chocolat, or cookie, to name a few—you’ll want a bench scraper to help slice it up (and then scrape off the counter) with ease.

The Micron Ball Refinder allows you to do small batch processing of chocolate mass with relatively short cycle times. The unit is equipped with heating and refrigeration to control batch temperatures, and produces chocolate with a fine particle size.

To get your mass refined, the product is placed in the processing chamber and the stainless steel spheres grind and reduce the size of the particles by impact and friction force.

Water inside a twin-shell coat ensures heating and keeping temperature of chocolate mass constant. Chocolate melting tank is used to melt solid chocolate and store the liquid chocolate in constant temperature and homogenous structure.

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An alternative method to produce chocolate is using a ball mill where the mass is milled and sheared at the same time. Although cocoa liquor is usually ground by ball mills, those are hamiş popular for chocolate mass in the European industry. Nevertheless those systems are commonly used worldwide. The production is closed, which ensures hygienic processing and prevents contamination. Industrial-scale ball mills work Chocolate Melting Tank continuously.

●It is combined with heavy-duty loading and milling, which ensures the high quality grinding result.

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